Anglophone Crisis in Cameroon

The ongoing Anglophone crisis in Cameroon has claimed the lives of over 4000 civilians in the Southwest and North West regions and caused the displacement of over 750 000 civilians to other regions especially Yaoundé the Capital city. In 2019 UNICEF reported 855000 children out of school for nearly three years with girls being more vulnerable to sexually assault, precarious jobs, and teenage pregnancies. This has caused a great gender gap for internally displaced girls in the center region to access quality education and other opportunities for girls to fully manifest their potentials.

Furthermore, the few internally displaced girls who manage to access education attend public schools that do not have the necessary resources to guarantee quality education. Such schools lack resources such as competent teachers, computers, enough class hours and practical lessons on information technology.

Cameroon women protest against ongoing Anglophone Crisis in Buea

According to the Africa Development Bank, Africa is the continent with the highest number of female entrepreneurs. This data is reflected in the lives of many internally displaced girls who attempt to start their own business as a way of creating income for them and their families. Moreover, the socioeconomic status of these girls forces them to start a business with no previous formation and very little capital. Thus, leading to businesses failure which makes them even more frustrated and vulnerable.

For this reason, Women Leadership program will address the problem of accessing quality education, computer illiteracy, lack of entrepreneurial skills and little engagement of girls in leadership.

My African Womanhood will be organizing a six weeks leadership program for IDP girls with the aim of training 20 girls of age 15 to 25 years on Information Technology, Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Community engagement. Through the program girls will be able to access opportunities, improve their business skills, develop impressive professional profiles and learn how to participate in community development.

Selection Criteria:

We are in search of IDP girls who are self driven, passionate about working with the community, and have demonstrated academic excellence and leadership skills. Though the age limit for this program is 15-25 years, we will consider admitting girls/ women out of this age range who meet the other criteria. Furthermore girls with special needs or in vulnerable conditions will be prioritized.

Details of the program

The program will run from 09th October to 18th November and training will take place three times a week for three hours each. Training days will be Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 4pm to 7pm. Friday will be an optional day for activities such as watching movies, motivational talk or workshops. will be carried out in Biyemassi where there is a significant IDP population and selected candidates will be interviewed virtually between the 04 - 07th of September. Results will be announced on September 31st.

IDP Girls Leadership Program

Deadline for registration: 03 Oct. 2023

Program start date: 09 Oct. 2023
Venue: Biyemassi, Yaounde (specific location to be announced few days before the program)

🛑 Deadline for registration: 03 October 2023🛑